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Penis stretchers : medical technology accessible to everyone

In fact, male body dysmorphophobia can significantly poison life, especially for the penis. After all, there is always someone who is longer or thicker. But this is not a reason to consider yourself flawed, especially when you really fix everything yourself. 1) Penis traction technology and its embodiment in the design of SizeGenetics , Phallosan Forte , Penimaster PRO , Quick Extender Pro , Male Edge extenders


Best Penis extenders : an overview of the technique and its implementation  

"Home phalloplasty " or penis traction technology is an effective method that has been used in urological practice since the last century. At first, he was appointed after an operation, the technology of which included the imposition of suture material on the incisions made by the surgeon on the penis. Since tissue scarring always occurs at the seam site, the penis after such manipulations could lose 1-2 cm in length. Therefore, a special orthopedic device was developed, regularly putting on which it was possible to prevent the side effect of the operation.    
Alternative to surgery
Further studies have shown that the use of extenders prior to penis enlargement surgery provides 80% of the results in which the surgeon's assistance is no longer needed. These devices are called penis stretchers , and the technology on the basis of which they operate is penis traction .       

The effect of penis traction lies in the fact that when the tissues of the penis are stretched with the help of a special device on it, breaks occur at the cellular level, or micro -breaks, in the places of greatest load . Their thickness is negligible and comprises only one cell layer. But at the same time, such damage occurs during the entire training with an extender and is localized over the entire surface of the male penis, including in the internal erectile tissues.        

The effectiveness of penis traction lies in the fact that all micro- breaks are instantly eliminated by the mechanism of tissue regeneration (healing) in the human body. For this, replication is stimulated - instant cell division on both sides of the micro- break. As a result, instead of one torn cell layer, two new ones are formed at the site of damage.     

But, as the action of the extender continues, the cycle "break-regenerate" is repeated over and over again. This explains why it is necessary to use the device regularly - so that the damage, and therefore new cells, is more and more every hour, and also why it is necessary to constantly increase the length of the rods or belt and the tension force.  

Device overview

The action of all devices - extenders is based on the penis traction method . By means of their design features, these devices create an extensional tension in the penis that stimulates break-regeneration cycles. But, despite the apparent similarity, the following differences remain significant:        
•    SizeGenetics - the device consists of a base, extension bars and attachment to the barrel, during training, the tension force creates tension in the gap from the base to the strap, without affecting the head;
•    Phallosan Forte - acts on the penis from root to tip through an attachment that does not touch the trunk, using a vacuum chamber and an elastic strap; 
•    Penimaster PRO  - for extensional tension in the tissues of the penis, the vacuum chamber has a protrusion at the top with a check valve, to which extension bars are attached, due to which the mesh of microcracks covers the entire surface of the penis, including the glans;    
•    Quick Extender Pro - Regular use stimulates the maximum cycle of tearing and healing, which in the form of a mesh covers the shaft of the penis;  
•    Male Edge - the rods coming out of the base of the device, due to periodic tension adjustment, create tension in the area from the stop to the bridle, under which the mount is located - a wide silicone strap. 

2) How do these extenders work ?

Defining features of penis stretchers  
Devices may have certain design features in terms of fastening or creating a tension force, but they will all act the same way, that is, they will stimulate rupture of cell membranes in areas of greatest stress. However, the location of cell damage depends on the method of attachment of the extender .   
It becomes understandable that the more such injuries there are, the more actively the process of increasing the length of the penis will take place. But the place of their localization also matters. For extenders with under-head attachment, all micro-fractures are located in the area from the pubic joint to the border of the attachment. These extenders include SizeGenetics , Quick Extender Pro and Male Edge . For men with a well-developed head, they will be ideal.             
If it is necessary to stimulate the growth of the head of the penis, devices with a vacuum attachment are suitable . They pull the penis all the way to the tip, creating an extensional tension of equal strength over the entire surface of the penis. This applies to the Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO extenders .          

3) What are the benefits of using each of them?

The main advantages of the penis stretchers varieties  
The advantages of extenders can be distinguished not only by the localization of their main effect on the penis, but also by the ease of use, the absence of the risk of spontaneous slipping and the possibility of prolonged (more than 6 hours) continuous use.  
According to these parameters, penis stretchers differ in the following characteristics:   

•    SizeGenetics - since the assembly of the device requires certain skills, then, perhaps, the first days of use may cause difficulties with fastening, but later the extender is simply put on, slipping off the penis is prevented by either loop fastening or strap fastening, the lightness of the design allows it to be used during the day, for night use this model is not the best option, training time is 4-6 hours,  
•    Quick Extender Pro - in order to put on this extender , you first need to get used to and deal with the two-loop fastening, the advantage of which is not only the elimination of arbitrary slipping, but also the ability to use the device at any time chosen by the user for training;     
•    Male Edge is a strap extender , attaches quite simply with the strap locks, which prevents the device from slipping while walking or sleeping and allows for a fairly long - up to 8 hours of continuous use.  
Since Phallosan Forte and Penimaster the PRO attached to the penis on one and Tomko same way as the vacuum chamber capturing the entire head, they are among the most simple with minimal time for putting penis stretchers . Such a grip is at the same time gentle, since it does not squeeze the shaft of the penis, and the most effective, eliminating the risk of injury from slipping. Therefore, these two models can be used not only at any time of the day or night, but also for quite a long time - up to 10-12 hours.              

4) The principle of operation of such extenders . How are they different ?  
Fundamental differences of penis stretchers  

Extension voltage parameters  

In addition to the method of attachment to the penis, devices for increasing its length also differ in the tension force. Parameters are specified in grams. The maximum values of the extensional stress are:  
•    SizeGenetics - 2800g ,
•    Phallosan Forte - 4800 g, 
•    Penimaster PRO - from 1200 g (for penis stretchers ) to 7000 g (as a hanger ),     
•    Quick Extender Pro - 4000 g,  
•    Male Edge - 2800 
You need to understand that such parameters are not set from the first session. And high tension figures do not mean maximum efficiency. This characteristic is designed to provide the most accurate variability of settings for the user.
Functionality of devices
There are also fundamental differences in the functionality of penis stretchers . Some of them can act as a rod extender without options: SizeGenetics , Quick Extender Pro , Male Edge . That is, the rods with a spring mechanism are lengthened, increasing the tension, and such devices cannot perform any other, except for the rotary mechanism.          
Penimaster PRO is a separate type of stretchers . It provides a mount not only for barbells, but also for an elastic strap, as well as mounts for weights - functions for those who have already mastered the initial stages of training and want to move on.    

5) What results can be achieved?

Performance review
According to user reviews and data from clinical studies, the effectiveness of penis stretchers has some differences:   
•    SizeGenetics - increase up to 40% of original length in 6-9 months with 6 hours daily use,
•    Phallosan Forte - from 37 to 42% of the initial indicators for 6 months, 
•    Penimaster PRO - up to 39% of the total length in 4-6 months, 
•    Quick Extender Pro - from 36% of the original parameters in 4-6 months,  
•    Male Edge - the minimum was 29% of the original length with a course of 6 months. 
According to the parameters of the girth, which also changes under the influence of the extender , the average values for all models are practically the same and range from 18 to 22% of the initial parameters.
It should be noted that these figures are fairly average and are given as a guideline, since the reaction of each organism is purely individual. If we take them into account as performance indicators, then it is better to rely on the duration of the course. Since, the shorter its duration, the more preferable it is for the user.

6) Preparation of each of the extenders for work and use  

Application features

The general rule for all stretchers is to have an adaptation period. It means a categorical prohibition on the maximum indicators of extensional stress and excessive (more than 1 cm) excess of the length of the rods (for rod models). It is necessary to start from the first days with the minimum time of the training session and the tension force, increasing them every day so that by the end of the month you will reach the maximum parameters.    

Since penis stretchers have significant differences in device and functionality, their configuration and application have some differences that may be fundamental for users:   

•    SizeGenetics - when assembling the barbell, you need to fix it in the base and use extensions to set the size so that the length of the barbell exceeds the size of the penis by 1 cm, then close the ends of the barbells with a penis bed - a plastic part with an anatomical recess and holes for attaching a strap or loop (there is a choice ). After that, you can thread the penis through the base, fasten a strap or loop under the bridle and adjust the extensional tension with the swivel nuts . The general session should be at least 6 hours, a break in use is allowed once a week;    
•    Phallosan Forte - using membranes and a pump, the vacuum chamber is attached to the head of the penis. After the valve that maintains the differential pressure is closed, the penis is threaded through the ring of an elastic belt, which is placed in a convenient way for the user (by the thigh, waist or shoulder) and secured with a special clip with a vacuum chamber. Such a device allows you to regulate the direction of the load, has minimal contact with the skin of the genitals and is characterized by a comfortable, but quite effective tension. It is allowed to increase the session time up to 10-12 hours daily; 
•    Penimaster PRO - the device is attached by means of a vacuum to the head, which is created by a special pump. The upper base of the rods is installed in the place where the pump is attached after the valve is closed. After that, in the lower base, which abuts against the pubic bone, an extensional tension is adjusted . It is also allowed to use this device without barbells using an elastic strap or for hanging weights from the penis, which allows alternating the load for proportional results;   
•    Quick Extender Pro - The base of this device is designed to accommodate spring-loaded booms. The rods are supplemented with extensions by installing them on special projections. The top of the extensions is secured by a penis bed with positioned paired holes for silicone loops. The device is put on the penis and tightened in the subillus area with a loop fastener. To reduce contact with metal parts, special polyurethane pads are put on them. Also, for the comfort of use, a polyurethane backing is placed under the hinges;      
•    Male Edge - spring-loaded base is complemented by extensions and fixed with a penis bed with a wide silicone strap. The width of the attachment prevents slipping and ensures the duration of the session using the device, as well as training sessions during sleep or during work hours.   

7) Frequently asked questions about extenders

Are there any side effects or risk of injury to these devices?
No, the device is completely safe for contact with the delicate skin of the genitals and the body as a whole, it is made in an FDA- certified production from hypoallergenic materials and plastic, free from phthalates and toxic substances.      
Do I need a doctor's consultation to get a prescription?
No, you do not need a clinic visit to purchase or run a training course.
Can I use penis stretchers myself ?  
Yes, since penis stretchers are completely safe, you can use the devices yourself, provided you follow the instructions that come with the package.   
How do extenders affect potency?  
Since the regeneration processes are associated with increased blood circulation and metabolism, an improvement in erectile function is noted .  
Do I need to stop having sex during the course?
No, active sexual frictions act as a preventive massage that strengthens the effect of the extender .
Are penis stretchers sold at drugstores or sex shops ?   
No, devices can only be purchased from the official website of the penis stretchers or the manufacturer's website . These devices are not marketed through a retail chain.    

8) Conclusions - which extenders and who should choose?  

Ideal combination of method and user needs

Since the design and type of attachment in extenders is different, the principle of their action has significant differences. This does not mean that one of them is the best, and the other is not good for anything. The trick is that such diversity allows men to choose the one that suits him perfectly and turns the routine into a comfortable procedure:  
•    SizeGenetics - suitable for those who do not need stimulation of tears in the head, and the main effect of tension falls on the area from the root to the axillary zone,  
•    Phallosan Forte is the best option for using the device during sleep, its effect stimulates the growth of the penis along its entire length, provides multidirectional load,   
•    Penimaster PRO is a comfortable extender with vacuum attachment to the head, which allows you to attach the barbell not under the bridle, but to the tip of the penis, pulling it from the pubic bones,   
•    Quick Extender Pro - the double attachment extends the penis from the pubic joint to the subarcum while preventing slipping, so it can be used during the working day or while sleeping,    
•    Male Edge - a strap device solves the problems of those who are allergic to metal, as it is completely made of elastic medical plastic, therefore it can be used both at work and at home, not suitable for those whose penis anatomy needs to be corrected in the size of the glans. 
To correctly determine the model of the extender , it is important to understand the anatomy of the penis and your preference for training times. With clear guidelines, it's much easier to move on towards the desired result!

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