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  Real is big: everything about Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte PLUS
     Since the dawn of mankind, phallic symbols have been considered a talisman for attracting good luck. This is unlikely to be the case for miniature or curved penises. And no matter how sexologists try to impose on men the thesis that the size of the penis is insignificant, never before has a small penis been pride, a sign of superiority and masculinity. But even if for some reason a man is not satisfied with the size of his dignity, there is always an opportunity to fix everything without humiliating questionnaires, examinations and medical consultations.

1) What is Phallosan Forte and what makes it special?

Safe way to extend length: design for real men

Phallosan Forte is a "new word" in the development of orthopedic devices for increasing the size of the penis. Its peculiarity is in a fundamentally different fastening and adjustment of the tension force, which provide the possibility of inconspicuous use and impact on the entire surface of the penis. That is, traction therapy with Phallosan Forte is a guarantee that the increase in size will occur proportionally over the entire surface, excluding imbalances in the glans and shaft of the penis.  

The action of the extender is based on traction therapy - mechanotransduction . This method is not new and is used in medical practice in many directions - in dentistry when aligning the dentition, in traumatology when augmenting bone tissue, in cosmetology when installing special jewelry that stretches the earlobe. The basis is the body's reaction to a constant load in the form of tension of a certain force.
It violates the integrity of the intercellular septa, forming cavities. These formations are filled with new cells on both sides of the cavity. Therefore, the place of the intercellular space is filled with two layers of new tissue cells at once. The thickness of such a superstructure is small - about a third of the thickness of the paper sheet. But the duration of the loads and the constant reaction of the body are able to provide a permanent significant result - up to 40% of the initial parameters for the full course. 

2) Complete set of extender. Description of the components

What it's made of: getting to know the device and its main parts

The Phallosan Forte extender consists of the following components:
•   the suction chamber is a dome-shaped part with a place for mounting the pump and tensioner. It is made of medical transparent plastic to control the condition of the skin of the head of the penis during exposure to vacuum. The kit includes three cameras of different sizes S, M, L at once for the convenience of the user and quick transition from one size to another during the course;
•   a silicone condom cuff that attaches to the lower cam protrusions and minimizes contact of the penis skin with the device. It is characterized by hypoallergenic properties and durability. Also available in three sizes - S, M, L;
•   vacuum pump - equipped with a three-stage valve to regulate or restore the pressure difference in case of pressure loss. Attaches directly to the suction chamber without additional adapters or tubes;
•   tension clamp - a device for creating tension and adjusting its strength. Attached to the protrusion of the vacuum chamber. It is a mechanism of calibrated springs with the ability to adjust. The amount of tension is marked in different colors: green (minimum 0.4 kg), yellow (medium), red (maximum 3.0 kg);
•   elastic strap - a piece of medical elastic fabric with a polyurethane ring at one end and an attachment for a vacuum chamber at the other. Provides right- and left-hand mounting of the device. Also equipped with a length adjuster. It is a significant advantage for invisible permanent wearing of the device and for providing versatile pulling force by attaching to various parts of the body;
•   cap-protector - is put on the glans and protects it from the vacuum load making it easier for the penis to adapt to stress.
In addition to the basic kit, users can additionally purchase an add-on in the form of a classic rod extender. It differs from outdated models in the way it is attached to the penis - bypassing the trunk and the subbranch groove, the upper base forms a special grip located in the upper part of the vacuum chamber. Thus, it is possible to combine the force of vacuum, the rigidity of the metal rods and significant traction loads.

The Phallosan Forte PLUS kit includes :

•   anatomical closed base with a location for the calibrated mechanism. Made of flexible, stress-resistant medical plastic;
•   tension mechanism - hollow cylinders with a movable base are filled with special coil steel springs that cannot be broken;
•   extension cords - have protrusions for connection with each other and with the tensioning mechanism, are necessary to change the "step" of the extender when increasing the length or correcting the curvature. Hypoallergenic medical steel is used in the manufacture;
•   an upper base that serves as a link between the extension head and the vacuum chamber. The design has special protrusions for secure attachment to the upper protrusion of the domed element.
3) What are the benefits? What is the result of his work? Penis enlargement and straightening
Device functionality: benefits of using Phallosan Forte products
The use of the Phallosan Forte extender is not limited to penis enlargement.
It is used:
•   to eliminate imbalances between the head and the shaft of the male penis;
•   to correct the shape in the presence of curvatures;
•   to restore and improve erectile function;
•   to eliminate seals in Peyronie's disease (the formation of proteinaceous plaque-like internal growths in the tissues of the penis) in the early and middle stages of the lesion. 

Safe efficiency

Phallosan Forte is the most gentle penis correction technique at home without risk to the user's health. The advantages of Phallosan devices are the absence of the need for medical supervision and the elimination of harm to health. In addition, daily vacuum traction of the head improves blood microcirculation and reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings. In practice, this effect enhances erection and is the prevention of premature ejaculation, which is caused by hypersensitivity of the nerve endings of the head.

Additional benefits

Gentle yet strong enough to prevent slipping, the fastening is carried out using a vacuum. This not only does not crush or disrupt circulation, but also dilates the blood vessels of the penis, causing forced blood flow and stimulation of blood flow. This effect is characterized by another advantage for the user - stimulation of erectile function and improvement of its performance. Most men note that after using vacuum-mounted extenders, erections are much harder and last much longer by increasing the elasticity of tissues and blood vessel walls.

Curvature correction

Regardless of the cause of the curvature of the penis, including from previous injuries, unsuccessful operations or Peyronie's disease, with the help of Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte PLUS, these defects can be eliminated with a 4-6 month course. By combining elasticity and the possibility of different directions of the load using the strap, as well as the adjustment of the length and angle of stretching with the extenders of the Phallosan PLUS set, the position of the penis is set for alignment. The tension is regulated by a spring mechanism. A gradual transition from lower to higher rates will stimulate cell division in places of greatest stress. Thus, new layers of cells are formed in the defect zone to restore balance.
4) Medical facts about the product

Scientific evidence: clinical trial results and facts about extenders

According to recent studies, the use of extenders for safe lengthening of the penis and correction of its size is not only the least traumatic, but also the most effective method. Since the fixation of the device on the penis and its long-term use does not carry the risk of violating the integrity of the organ tissues, the risk of bacterial and infectious infections typical for surgical intervention is completely excluded.  
Phallosan Forte is one of the few devices that organizes their own clinical trials. Course performance data is available in medical knowledge libraries and reputable medical journals such as the Online Library. The full text of the study with diagrams of results in accordance with the modes of use can be found on the official website of the device.    

Also, in a comparative analysis of various methods of treating erectile dysfunction, the issue of using extenders with vacuum action is considered. Their use is invaluable in the forced expansion and blood filling of the vessels of erectile tissues, since with regular use they significantly increase the chances of improving erection performance.  

5) How to use?
Work for results: the main points of using Phallosan Forte
Depending on the main purpose of using the extender, the principle of its fixation and equipment may differ.

Correction of dimensions

The average growth rate of Phallosan Forte application is 1-1.2 cm per month. To achieve such results, it is enough to get used to daily wearing the device from 4 to 6 hours a day, 5-6 times a week. It is not necessary to use the Phallosan Forte PLUS rod add-on for this. Using the strap, you need to adjust the length and direction of the attachment. Set the pulling force with the tension clamp.

Elimination of curvature

To straighten the penis, Phallosan Forte alone is often not enough and additional fixation with Phallosan Forte PLUS barbells is required. A workout session should last at least 6 hours. Regime - 5-6 workouts per week. Changing parameters - gradually, depending on the result. The full course is 4-6 months.

Erectile disfunction

At the initial stage of pathology or the exact cause of circulatory failure, Phallosan Forte is an excellent alternative to various drugs. Workouts should be done every other day. Duration from 3 to 6 hours. Adjust the vacuum force with a pump valve, tension - with a clamp. It is necessary to move from lower values to higher values, consistently, without forcing the result. The first changes are noticeable after 3-4 sessions. The full course is from 3 to 6 months, depending on the stage of pathology and symptoms.

6) Frequently asked questions

5 male questions about extenders

What is the best way to proceed when using Phallosan Forte for the first time?
It is necessary to determine the size of the cuff and chamber using a measuring scale. For convenience, put a protective cap on the head. When creating a vacuum, first make one press and only after making sure that there is no discomfort, press the pump again. In case of discomfort, it is better to open the valve and start over. Set the minimum values on the tension clamp and be guided by your feelings: in case of discomfort, loosen the clamp, if there are no sensations - add tension.
Do you need breaks during your workout?
Especially individually - if the user has such a need, you can take a break.
Do I need to keep a training diary?
Yes, this will allow you to more accurately determine the transition to new tension values and ensure monitoring of performance. For convenient planning, you can use a dedicated smartphone app.
Where can I find an approximate Phallosan Forte workout plan?
The delivery set includes video content with training materials. Also, training plans are available in the smartphone app. For advisory support, you can also contact technical support.
What does it take to get results faster?
You shouldn't force events and set maximum thrust values. This could result in injury. It is better to alternate workouts with an active sex life and various massage techniques, for example, jelqing.

7) Technical advantages

Design advantages of Phallosan Forte

Tightening the entire surface
The most important design advantage of the Phallosan Forte is that even when using the barbells from the Phallosan Forte PLUS set, tension is created not only in the shaft of the penis, but also over the entire surface, including the glans.
Lack of constriction in the ulcerative groove
Also, the attachment method does not provide for a loop or belt that could disrupt the blood flow in the organ. The attachment of the penis to the device occurs in the head area by creating a vacuum pump in the suction chamber.
Minimal contact with device elements
The presence of a silicone cuff closes the most vulnerable areas of the penis - the sulcus and foreskin, excluding their contact with the bars from the Phallosan Forte PLUS set.
Right-hand and left-hand wearability
With the help of an elastic strap, the user can independently set the direction of the load. It also creates a certain convenience for inconspicuous use of the device without the need to change the size of trousers and jeans.

8) How does the phone app work?

Disciplined Assistant: Benefits of a Smartphone App

The Phallosan Forte app of the same name is a diary, an assistant, a training partner, and a planner. The program is available for smartphone operating systems and is available for free download in both the App Store and Playstore. Navigation is completely intuitive and easy to understand. With its help you can:
•    set a goal - the desired parameters, based on which training options can be proposed;
•    set up monitoring of applied loads and achieved results;
•    remind about the upcoming session;
•    get information about new products;
•    provide advisory support - promptly receive answers to questions.
9) Conclusions - Convenient, Effective, Safe
Phallosan Forte: specialized help available to everyone
Choosing the Phallosan Forte and trusting this device is a safe work for the result with a high degree of training comfort and course effectiveness. Phallosan Forte products are medical orthopedic devices that have been clinically tested for proven safety and efficacy. The extender is used to solve such male problems as dysmorphophobia of the size of the penis, its shape and the presence of curvatures.
Also Phallosan Forte has proven itself as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. The device is absolutely safe to use and can be performed without medical supervision. Vacuum fastening improves blood circulation in the penis and eliminates the risk of the device slipping off. Also, the gentle effect ensures the possibility of long-term wearing of the device.
Phallosan Forte products will help you turn your sexual capabilities into superpowers!
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