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How much does a man's self-esteem suffer if he understands that his main merit lags behind in size from the average? Many bother so much that they do not even admit the thought of approaching and getting to know a girl, as they are afraid to disappoint a potential partner. A device will help to change everything, which is able to increase the penis to the desired size without any risks.

1) What is this device and how does it work?

Medical orthopedics - an alternative to surgery

The Quick Extender Pro is a rod extender that attaches to the male penis. It has adjustable bar length and pulling force. Daily changes in these parameters stimulate the replication of erectile tissue cells, metabolic processes and blood circulation. As a result of this effect, a permanent effect of enlarging the tissues of the penis is created in all directions.

The Quick Extender Pro is one of the really effective penis stretcher or extender devices. It refers directly to medical orthopedics, which is most often used to prevent the loss of penis length during the rehabilitation period after penis surgery - phalloplasty. This is due to the ability of the stretcher to influence tissue, prevent scarring (formation of keloid scars).

Recently, urology practitioners have prescribed the use of an extender as a preoperative preparation. Studies show that in 70% of cases after using an extender for 3-6 months, penis enlargement surgery is no longer required. The effect of regular use of the extender completely replaces the dangerous surgical procedure. 
There is practically no contraindication or age range to use an extender for penis enlargement. The only limitation is a penis less than 4 cm long. Also, such therapy does not need medical supervision. Careful adherence to instructions eliminates the risk of injury and ensures excellent results.

The use of an extender is not limited to increasing the length of the male penis. Also, the effect of stretching, with the help of which a therapeutic effect is achieved, is advisable to use for the treatment of Peyronie's disease . Regular training with an extender stimulates the affected tissues, activates blood circulation and helps to soften protein formations , as well as correct curvature defects. Click here to order Peyronies & Curvature package.

2) Why is it worth buying? Unique, made in the USA, tested, effective, high quality, inexpensive, discount, equipment, comfort. Paint

8 reasons to choose Quick Extender Pro

Since there are enough devices with a similar operating principle on the market, it is worth noting some advantages of Quick Extender Pro, which distinguish it favorably from similar devices.


The main feature of the extender is the way it is attached. The developers took into account the disadvantages of loop and strap mounts and created their own system.

Double Strap Support providing double control plus:

     - reliability of fixation, which excludes injuries and slipping;
     - uniform distribution of tension - from the base to the tip of the penis;
     - comfort of use, since innervation, numbness and disturbance of blood microcirculation are excluded.

DSS-fastening assumes the presence of two silicone hinges located at a certain distance from each other.

American quality

The Quick Extender Pro is manufactured in the USA and is GMP certified, which demonstrates the high quality and safety of the device. It also guarantees the absence of substances hazardous to humans, including phthalates in plastic parts, which could harm organs or the body as a whole. To date, the FDA has not published a ban on the implementation of Quick Extender Pro, as can be seen by visiting the organization's official website.


Designed for men, it not only gives them a new penis size, but also confidence in their masculine strength and sexual performance. For over 10 years, Quick Extender Pro has been sold all over the world and is well behind similar devices in positive reviews.

Proven effectiveness

Clinical studies of extenders prove their effectiveness and substantiate the principle of operation; they prove not only the effectiveness, but also the safety of this method.  


If we compare the cost of Quick Extender Pro and surgery, then in terms of efficiency and price, this device is significantly superior to phalloplasty. Moreover, the amount is calculated not in hundreds, but in thousands of dollars. If we take into account the fact that the user can use the extender at his own discretion, without the obligatory stay in the clinic and separation from professional duties and marital duty, then it can rightfully be called the most accessible way to solve a delicate male problem.

Savings potential

Quick Extender Pro can only be purchased from the official website. At the same time, the purchase of an extended set provides a fairly substantial discount, which makes the device very economically profitable. In addition, each purchase is accompanied by a gift to the user.


The manufacturer made sure that for each specific situation there was a package for the delivery of the device, highlighting the basic, advanced configuration, as well as a special package for the correction of curvatures and Peyronie's therapy.

User comfort

In addition to the double attachment of the extender itself, the delivery package includes special polyurethane pads for the hinges, which transform the device into an almost invisible device and exclude the possibility of injury.

 3) What is the difference between packages?

Quick Extender Pro Packages: The Right Option for Every Situation

In total, the manufacturer offers 4 packages of different content. You can choose both a basic inexpensive configuration and a modification with a maximum set of accessories and components for the entire course of therapy. Also, the extenders included in the package have different pulling forces.

Lite Edition - Economy package for beginners

The package includes:

     - extender;
     - extensions to adjust the length of the rods (up to 8 inches);
     - silicone loops for fastening;
     - protective pads for comfort of use;
     - traction springs, calibrated up to 2500 g.
Also included in the kit is a case for storing the device, a reference manual, a diary for monitoring results and training.

Deluxe Standard Edition - extended start options

This complete set includes:

     - extender;
     - extensions to adjust the length of the rods (up to 12 inches);
     - a set of silicone fastening loops;
     - protective pads for comfort of use;
     - traction springs calibrated up to 3500 g.

Also included in the kit is a case for storing the device and a transport case, a reference manual, educational video content, a diary for monitoring results and training, a measuring tape.

As a gift, the kit is supplemented with a biological product Rizer XL, whose components increase blood circulation, increase sexual interest and erectile function, accelerating the desired results.

Deluxe Limited Edition - Advanced Package for Maximum Results

The kit includes;

     - extender;
     - extensions to adjust the length of the rods (up to 16 inches);
     - a set of silicone fastening loops;
     - protective pads for comfort of use;
     - traction springs, calibrated up to 4000 g.

The kit also includes a case for storing the device and a mahogany case, reference material on the basics of sexual health, educational video content, a diary for monitoring results and training, a measuring tape.

A bonus to the kit for consolidating the results due to increased blood circulation - 3 packs of Rizer XL, the Quick Extender Pro booster pump - a penis pump that causes forced blood filling of the internal structures of the penis.  

Penile Curvature Correction Edition - curvature correction and preventive blow to Peyronie's disease.
The package, assembled taking into account the provision of versatile loading, includes:

     - extender;
     - extensions to adjust the length of the rods (up to 12 inches);
     - a set of silicone fastening loops;
     - protective pads for comfort of use;
     - traction springs, calibrated up to 4000 g.

The set also includes a premium transport case, a fabric cover, a training video, a measuring tape and a package of supplements with a high content of vitamin E, which restores the elasticity of erectile tissues.


  4) The technology on the basis of which it works

Tensile energy: a replication-based method

The Quick Extender Pro is based on the physiological process of stimulating cell replication at the sites of cell break. He suggests that the constant directed tension of tissues causes multiple uniform micro-ruptures at the cellular level. This tension creates the extender with a user-adjustable force. Therefore, it is important to achieve a slight tingling sensation across the entire surface of the penis when setting up the device.

The described principle underlies penile traction therapy, which is recognized in medical practice. Also, by the method of stimulating replication, braces in dentistry and the Ilizarov apparatus in surgery work.

5) How is the result achieved?

Technique and physiology - the basis for the effectiveness of Quick Extender Pro

At the time of the formation of a microbreak, a nerve impulse enters the brain, which activates the instant filling of the gap with new cells formed as a result of replication. Thus, instead of the destroyed one cell layer, two new ones are formed.

The thickness of the cell is negligible - only a quarter of the thickness of the paper sheet. But daily loads provide more and more new breaks, filled with a double layer of cells, which provide a permanent result.

6) How to use correctly (assembly, installation, use)

Step-by-step instructions: simple rules for quick results
Step 1. Assembling the device

Quick Extender Pro consists of 4 parts, which must be connected in series, in the indicated order:

     - anatomical base - stop;
     - swivel washers with the possibility of smooth turning up to 180 degrees for versatile loading;
     - traction mechanism with calibrated springs;
     - extension cords with which the required length of the rods is dialed. The barbell should be sized to match the non-erect penis length increased by 0.4 inches;
     - DSS system with medical plastic base and two silicone hinges.

Step 2. Mounting and setting

After the device is assembled, it is put on the penis and the silicone loops are tightened. It is imperative for uncircumcised men to ensure that the foreskin does not fall under the loop.

Once the extender is attached to the penis, adjust the traction using the adjusting nuts. To do this, it is enough to rotate the nuts on a spring mechanism that creates a force.

At the start, these are always the minimum indicators so as not to cause pain. The device is set up correctly if you feel mild itching or tingling discomfort. In case of discomfort in the form of pain or burning, it is necessary to weaken the effort.

Step 3. Planning your workout

The first session, depending on the pain tolerance threshold, can last from 15 to 30 minutes. In this case, you need to break it into three parts and take an equivalent break between them. For example, 3 sets of 5 minutes with an extender and a 5 minute break. Every day you need to increase the duration of training, both general and continuous, bringing it to 4-6 hours within a month.
Both daily use of the device and 6 times a week are allowed. It is also optimal to use an extender, alternating between workouts using a vacuum erector or a special massage technique. In any case, the fundamental principle is consistency and gradualness.

7) Warranty

Increased commitment: manufacturer's warranty

Each Quick Extender Pro package has its own duration of the warranty, during which you can return the device and receive a compensation of its value in the amount of 100%:

     - Lite Edition - basic warranty 14 days;
     - Deluxe Standard Edition - 6 months;
     - Deluxe Limited Edition - Lifetime device warranty and 6 months money back guarantee;
     - Penile Curvature Correction Edition - 1 year money back guarantee.

8) Conclusions: a decent device on the market, conveniently configurable and suitable for everyone

Quick Extender Pro: quality worth seeing

Whether a man needs an inexpensive alternative to phalloplasty, wants to improve the anatomy of the penis, or is undergoing Peyronie's disease therapy, the Quick Extender Pro is well placed to turn these manipulations into a comfortable and effective procedure.

The device has no contraindications and age restrictions, is easy to configure and compact enough for inconspicuous use. The double fastening system not only ensures uniform force, but also prevents the device from slipping.

The highest quality, ergonomics and scientifically proven efficiency make the Quick Extender Pro the best device in its market segment, as evidenced by 100% positive reviews. Is there any doubt about the quality if each package has a guarantee that the user will not lose money? Quick Extender Pro - American quality worthy of men's attention!

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